Cavs Legion x Marines Tournament
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Battles Won on One presented by the United States Marine Corps will be your chance to compete in Play Now mode for a $1,000 prize pool. Tournament begins August 1st. Sign ups are FREE. All you need to play is an Xbox, Xbox Live, and a copy of NBA2k20!

NBA  2k20 Tournament General Rules

  • All rounds will be played using the NBA 2k20 game for XBOX ONE.  
  • All players will play a minimum of 4 quarters:

Team Selection

  • You May use any current NBA Team (No Throwback teams or All-Star Teams)
  • You are permitted to change teams during the tournament.  
  • You can change your plays and coach’s settings during the tournament.  
  • Two competing players may choose to play the same team.

Game Play NBA 2k20

  • Single-elimination tournament: A bracket format in which players are eliminated from the tournament after a loss.   
  • Placings are determined as follows: the bracket is progressed until two Semifinals matches remain. The winner from each Semifinals match play in Finals, and the winner of Finals is awarded 1st place. 
  • Quarter Length: 6 Minute Matches.
  • Home or Away team: Lowest Random Seed Number (Closest to zero is Home)
  • Skill: Hall of Fame   
  • All other rules will be default for online play
  • If you are not ready to play during your agreed upon time, you will forfeit the match, and your opponent will be the victor.
  • If the game goes into overtime the competing individuals will be allowed to compete given the allotted time. The individual with the highest score at the end of the overtime game wins the game.  

Game Crash / Lag Rules

If in first 60 seconds of game clock, there’s lag leading to a lag out, with approval from Cavs Legion GC, the game can be automatically restarted with the game reset to 0 (Tipoff).

If controller malfunction develops at game start or mid-game, the player responsible for swapping in controller and there will be no reset.

Game Crashes

  1. If a game crashes, restart and play replacement game until exact seconds of duration that would have been played a. For example: If game crashes with 1:47 remaining in the 3rd quarters, replacement game would be played from beginning of game until the clock said 4:12 remaining in the 2nd quarter (i.e., teams play out the original 467 seconds remaining in original game) b. If during the replacement game the score is tied at the new “game end,” teams will play an additional 3 minutes, with OT periods to end every 3 minutes thereafter until a game result occurs i. There is no need to turnover the ball to get the “right” team the ball to start an overtime period ii. If continuing previous example, the 1st OT period would end when it said 1:12 remaining in the 2nd quarter (4:12 minus a 3 minute OT)  
  2. If Team A is losing a game by at least 20 points with less than or equal to 3:00 remaining in the 4th quarter, game is over whether Team A or B crashes.
  3. Intentional disconnects will result in forfeiture and game loss.

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